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Ordering Progressive Glasses Online

Many people avoid wearing eyeglasses for a number of reasons. However, for portions of the population which include a large number of seniors that still wear eyeglasses, the days of having to drive down to the doctor in order to look for new glasses are in the past.

Seniors are able to preview various types, styles, and features without leaving the house. Along with old and new styles they can learn about the latest advances in lenses which include progressive lenses. Progressive lenses are characterized by increasing lens power. They start with less magnification or “lens power,” at the top and reach maximum magnification at the bottom of the lens. This gives the wearer all levels of magnification and creates clearer vision at different viewing distances by merely tilting his or her head slightly. Seniors especially find these types of lenses useful because of the functionality they provide.

Not only are glasses advancing but how they are purchased as well. Websites have made it easy to purchase a pair of glasses with a few clicks of the mouse and is one site that has done this.

Before you order a pair of glasses online you should find out your Pupillary Distance first. You can measure it yourself but it’s highly suggested that you contact the doctor or store you got your glasses from last and they will be able to tell you.

Ordering glasses is easier than to think. Here are 7 easy steps that take you through the whole process:

Step 1
First you choose a frame you like. You can search by type, size, price etc. (Make sure the width is correct because that ensures that your frames fit comfortably.)

Step 2
Then you can pick a color, you like from the list provided. Click next and move on.

Step 3
Next you have the options of what type of lens you would like. Tips: for reading purposes’ a single vision or bifocal lens will do. These types of lenses are plain with a line. Progressive lenses let you see better and have a smooth transition. Once you make a selection it will move on.

Step 4
Now it will ask for your prescription and this is where you will need your Pupillary Distance. Fill out your prescription and ready to move on.

Step 5
Next you will be able to choose a lens package. Basic glasses are plastic. Most people wear Polycarbonate lenses which are lighter, thinner and more impact and scratch resistant. The lighter and thinner the lens means less distortions which makes for clearer vision.

Step 6
Now you will be given the option to choose an Anti-Reflective coating. Anti-Reflective (AR) gives you clearer vision, reduces glare while driving, and helps relieve eye strain especially from extended computer use.

Step 7
Buy Now! Your new eyeglasses will be on their way.

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