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The Truth behind expensive Glasses Retail and Shopping

Optical businesses have some of the highest profit margins among all consumer goods, which are good for business but often financially hard on customers. are trying to revolutionize the way prescription and non-prescription glasses are purchased in order to give hidden profits back to consumers. A company trying to do this is cheap price glasses.

One way this is done is by producing everything in house, instead of sending the order to a third party lab like most optical stores do, which brings the cost down significantly.

Additionally, the use of internet sites in place of store fronts can drastically reduce expenses and avoid overhead constraints (such as retail rent space, behind-the-counter employees, and expensive displays) that your doctor's office or optical center have, but this is only half of the story. Further cost effective solutions are taking advantage of word of mouth, blog posts, forums, and other marketing tool which are often free but can generate a viral effect that spreads exponentially.

By reducing costs in some of the areas just discussed eyeglass shops online have the advantage of charging anywhere from $7.00 to $60.00 dollars instead of hundreds of dollars that you might pay in certain stores.
More direct benefits you might find with online glass shops like is that they work directly with reputable lens manufactures such as Corning International to get you the best and latest high quality lens available on the market at a fraction of the price. They also work with manufacturers of major brand name frames, but use only in house brands to save cost of branding. You get the same high quality and fashionable frames, but at much lower costs.

Don t be blind when it comes to high priced glasses, whether they help you see better or are for fashion purposes a good pair of eyeglasses shouldn't cost an arm and a leg.

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