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The weaker the prescription, the easier it is to adapt progressive lenses

Progressive eye glasses mean variable focus eye glasses. Such eye glasses have certainly brought relief for all those people who were tired of using two distinct eyeglasses, ‘single vision and bi-focal vision spectacles’. Nowadays, website like has made all these options accessible for everyone with wide ranges of cheap eye glasses, and discount eyeglasses.

It seems as if bifocal eyeglasses will be soon perfectly replaced by progressive eyeglasses and both may be replaced by contact lenses. But, ‘how such situation occurs’? It is still a big riddle for a many people. So, let’s understand it.

  • We have eyeball in spherical shape in our eyes and it automatically adjusts its focus.
  • To focus nearest one object, it flattens. On the other hand, for distant objects, it bulges out.

So, the elasticity of eyeballs remains optimum in youngsters and hence most of them do not possess with eye-sight problems. They can easily compress and stretch to adjust focus for near and distant objects. As we grow older, its capacity diminishes. In extreme cases, we may need Lasik surgery sort of treatment as well. Remember, if your eye problem is consistently persisting even after using bifocal or progressive lenses then lasik surgery remains an ultimate option.

Now, again swing the focus of write up upon mystery of optics. It is ok if progressive lenses could not proved an ultimate solution for our eye-problems. It is ok if it could not replace lasik surgery but of course significantly diminishes stakes caused by lasik. Even today when we are about to experience next level of progressive eyeglasses, but still it measures as the toughest one benchmark for all eye glass manufacturers.

There are few special factors that provide an edge over adaptation of progressive lenses. For instance, people whoever are possess with motion sickness and have strong prescription may feel difficulty in adaptation with progressive lenses. It is also true that the weaker the prescription, the easier it is to adapt to it. Pupil opening or we can say iris opening in medical term determines the width of sharp focus changes. We should not miss an overlooked factor i.e. ‘accuracy of alignment of the narrow reading portion’.

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